AJPL's Rejoinder

The Apache Junction Public Library did get back to me. Here is the response I received.

Dear Mr. Wilkerson:

Sorry for the delay in sending this email. We have contacted the filtering company to try to get an explanation for the filtering of ampletraveler.com. We were very dismayed that a legitimate site would be blocked and we will have it unblocked on our local network. The company said that it may have been connected with an ip address (instead of a domain name) that they had previously blocked because of illegal activity. In short, I have been unhappy with the response we have received thus far. In addition to unblocking the site, we have asked the filtering company to review their decision because there may be other libraries affected. As you are probably aware, no filtering solution is 100% accurate. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me through email or by phone at the number listed below. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Spencer Paden

Library Manager

Apache Junction Public Library

1177 North Idaho Road

Apache Junction, AZ 85219


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    Help Us Make Room
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    We are devoted to promoting global good will by promoting the free movement of all people. Las Vegas is America's playground and, maybe even, the world's playground. We are devoted to make Las Vegas a showplace of universal design, accessibility, and inclusion. Las Vegas is a place built on the concept of freedom and freedom of movement is one of the ultimate freedoms. We can think of no better place on earth to promote inclusion than our beautiful city. We hope you will join us in making Las Vegas a place for everyone.

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