Time and Money and Effort

Life is getting in the way of fun these days. Okay, it's not that bad. I mean the things we are doing to move The Ample Traveler© project forward are not that dreary. We live in a beautiful area that is central to a lot of travel opportunities. Good things are happening.

But doing advocacy work is often thankless and frequently more time consuming than one might think at first glance. It is why we appreciate the efforts of Paul and Scott and Tish and Shelda and Stef and Kevin and many, many more. Keeping up with the daily demands is nearly impossible. People who stay around on the web and build great things are remarkable. Most of these people do not have help with what they do. They do not get paid. They work hard to make what they know known.

There is a lot to do. We have spent a bunch of time this month working out our website domain names and renewals (transfering them to a more satisfying company). We have also made some new friends both in cyberspace and in meat space. So we hope, dear readers, that you will see the duck feet paddling below the water surface. We may not look like much right now, but we are continuing to work hard.

Stay tuned...more to come. :D


    Help Us Make Room

    Help Us Make Room
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    Mission Statement

    We are devoted to promoting affordable, accessible housing in Las Vegas that meets the particular needs of tenants, owners and investors with diligence, sensitivity and integrity.

    We are devoted to promoting universal accessibility in the Las Vegas so that people will be welcomed as residents and visitors no matter what their background, age, ability or size and to advocate for those who are excluded intentionally or otherwise.

    We are devoted to showing Las Vegas that welcoming all persons is in tune with the spirit of accommodations and is a sound way to expand the local market by creating a loyal client base that will increase long-term sales and profits. Accommodating diversity is good business.

    We are devoted to promoting global good will by promoting the free movement of all people. Las Vegas is America's playground and, maybe even, the world's playground. We are devoted to make Las Vegas a showplace of universal design, accessibility, and inclusion. Las Vegas is a place built on the concept of freedom and freedom of movement is one of the ultimate freedoms. We can think of no better place on earth to promote inclusion than our beautiful city. We hope you will join us in making Las Vegas a place for everyone.

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