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Would not let me load all the photos into one entry -- here are the remaining ones I found that moved me.

AP Photo richard Alan Hannon--found at While his friend played Bach, this man danced on wheels while they waited to be rescued. Sometimes the human spirit amazes even cynical me.

AP Photo, Dallas Morning News--found at were a large part of the people stranded by the storm. Travel can leave one quite vulnerable at times and this is perhaps one of the worst situations in which a tourist could have found himself or herself. New Orleans will rebuild their city and their tourism industry in the months/years to come. My hope is that they will find a way to incorporate universal design and inclusive travel into that rebuild.

AP Photo David Grunfeld--found at of this grandmother's body left near a door at the convention centre have moved many during this past week. My fear is that this only the beginning of finding bodies left in their beds, wheelchairs or with their white canes, left to die as the city filled with water. My heart is heavy with the questions of what might have happened in a better world.


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