Advopreneurship (tm)

Carl and I have been trying to put a handle on what we want to do, especially with promoting visitable and accessible housing. After kicking around the concept, we have settled on a simple and elegant summary:


The concept combines the free spirited inventiveness of entrepreneurship with the agenda of an advocate. Put simply, changing the world is part of the business plan.

We believe that working within a system of free enterprise can be innovative, creative and provide solutions not only to personal purchasing decisions but also to public issues.

What do we advocate?
  • We advocate visitability. The time has come for homes to be welcoming to more people.

  • We advocate a larger stock of affordable and accessible housing in local markets. Accessibility is trickier than visitability because persons living with disabilities are differently abled and as such need a wide variety of accommodations. But a home should be a place where we are most comfortable and it is possible to change the rules so that it is easier for accessibility needs to be met.

  • We advocate inclusion. At the moment, it is easy to find out a lot of information regarding properties that are for sale or lease. Want a certain kind of kitchen counter? You can probably search on that keyword and find a variety of homes that have that kitchen counter. But if you want to know if a bathroom has grab bars, you have to call each and every property agent and ask and hope they have been in there recently and remember. In other words, searching for accessible features is usually extremely time-consuming for the population that can afford the time and effort the least. This is a matter of choice, not a matter of technical know-how.
Stay posted in the weeks to come to see how advocating for these things can be part of a proactive, creative business plan and doesn't have to be left solely to non-profits to promote.


    Help Us Make Room

    Help Us Make Room
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    Mission Statement

    We are devoted to promoting affordable, accessible housing in Las Vegas that meets the particular needs of tenants, owners and investors with diligence, sensitivity and integrity.

    We are devoted to promoting universal accessibility in the Las Vegas so that people will be welcomed as residents and visitors no matter what their background, age, ability or size and to advocate for those who are excluded intentionally or otherwise.

    We are devoted to showing Las Vegas that welcoming all persons is in tune with the spirit of accommodations and is a sound way to expand the local market by creating a loyal client base that will increase long-term sales and profits. Accommodating diversity is good business.

    We are devoted to promoting global good will by promoting the free movement of all people. Las Vegas is America's playground and, maybe even, the world's playground. We are devoted to make Las Vegas a showplace of universal design, accessibility, and inclusion. Las Vegas is a place built on the concept of freedom and freedom of movement is one of the ultimate freedoms. We can think of no better place on earth to promote inclusion than our beautiful city. We hope you will join us in making Las Vegas a place for everyone.

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