"Modest Needs" Needs Your Help -- Time, Not Money

How can you help?

1. Vote

Go to the Pepsi Grant Website and click on "VOTE FOR THIS IDEA"

It will prompt you for email and password or for registering. All they want is verification that you are of age and to identify you so that you can only vote once a day. I have not received one iota of SPAM from them.

Once you sign in and/or register, you have to hit "VOTE FOR THIS IDEA" again.

You know you will have voted when the button turns into a catchy response (they vary but they are obvious).

2. Comment

It looks like Pepsi is also considering the comments, so leave a short comment as well. It can be like 3 words: "Modest Needs Rocks!" or whatever you feel like saying.

If you read this blog, you know that modest needs has been instrumental for me being more mobile and healthier this year. This grant will not only make it possible for them to help hundreds of people from the oil spill region but it will also get them specific promotional support that will spread the word about this worthy effort.

This is about people helping people the way neighbors used to help each other. This is about people who fall through the cracks because their problems aren't popular or big enough to gather attention.

Please vote daily. They need to move from #4 to #2 in order to get the grant.

Thanks for your consideration.


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    Help Us Make Room
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